Laying Down Your Isaac

When God calls, what do you say?  Do you answer plainly or under the cover of doubt that it’s actually Him calling you?  Do you drown out His voice in unbelief that He is speaking to you?

In Genesis 22, Abraham is called upon by God to sacrifice his one and only son Isaac.  Abraham could have ignored God’s instruction or began to question God’s intentions, but he didn’t.  Abraham didn’t doubt that God was calling upon him to do something larger than life.  He didn’t barter with God about what God’s request was.  Abraham simply honored the call and answered it.

Below is a message I preached this past Sunday covering Genesis 22:1-19 and all that God is calling us into.  I hope that you are blessed and challenged by it, not just for the betterment of your life but for the betterment of His Kingdom.  May God guide you as you are promoted to lay down your Isaac.




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