enlarge my territory

Over the last two months my soul has been burdened with the loss of Kingdom importance.

What do I mean by this:  It’s simple; we are more concerned with the outward appearance of our lawns than we are the spiritually deprived family members we live with.  We are focused on the next great thing that the world can provide rather than the next great thing we can do for the widow across the street.  We have lost what it means to be Kingdom minded and now live in a time where we are a Territory oriented, i.e. our territory over His Kingdom.

I feel that our society has created a Kingless desire, and our churches are slowly following suite.  It’s as if the church has accepted the concept of Jesus’ death and the reality of his resurrection, but has lost the truth of him as King.  I believe Satan loves to live in two key places amongst us: the church pew and the living room.

If Satan can find his way into our church pews he can create confusion, ciaos and disunity.  He can create tension over musical preference and colors on the walls.  He can push his agenda of destruction and disobedience, and manipulate the reason way we come together.  However, if he finds his way into the living rooms of our homes he can do so much more.  He could kill us, steal our privacy, and destroy our families.  Satan desires nothing more than to create disorder and confusion.  He desire these things and most of all desires to do them in territory that doesn’t belong to him.

It’s time that we take back our territory.  It’s time that we fight to make our living rooms holy ground and our church pews privileged seating.  Satan is a defeated being and he has no authority in these places if we conquer them for Jesus’ sake and the sake of the Kingdom.

Take back your territory…

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